As a gasket supplier in Malaysia, Chuan Foong Hardware also offers malleable iron pipe fittings in order to fit all your pipes perfectly. Our galvanised iron pipe fittings are threaded according to the British Standard Pipe Thread (BSPT), therefore it cannot be used with National Pipe Thread (NPT) or British Standard Parallel Pipe (BSPP). Although an NPT male can still fit into a BSPT female, but it isn’t suitable as they will not seal. Only a male and female that are of the BSPT can connect securely and become sealed together.

It is also known as white cast iron as well. While it was heated and it will be cooled slowly. Along with that, the tensile strength value of it is very high so that it is stable for every usage. It is reliable, and it has been used in emergency systems generally. Due to the tensile strength value, it also used in machine construction for industry needs. It used to resistant the heat commonly.

Our malleable iron pipe fittings come with sizes as small as 1/8” until 8”. Our iron pipe fittings are inclusive of 45ºelbows 90ºelbows, reducing tee, reducing straight cross and many more.

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