Chuan Foong Hardware Sdn Bhd is a supplier for all kinds of steel pipes, including black steel pipes and galvanised iron pipes (G.I. pipes).

Black steel pipes are usually used in carrying air and high-pressure steam from the source to the end user. They are mainly used in oil and petroleum industries, where oil is being transported to remote areas. You can even distribute gas between the inside and the outside of homes using black steel pipes. These pipes are low-maintenance, saving you the trouble and cost. Despite its weather-resistant characteristic, it is not ideal for transporting water, thus it is never used for drinking water.

On the other hand, G.I. pipes differ from black steel pipes because they are coated with zinc. G.I. pipes are generally more anti-corrosive; therefore, it is commonly used for water lines. G.I. pipes are suitable for sewage plumbing, and they have a life expectancy of up to 40 years. However, G.I. pipes are not used for gas transportation because the zinc can clog the lines due to its reaction with gas.

Usually, it is used to transmit heating or cooling water to other equipment. Other than that, its strength is much more than enough to hold the extreme temperature of hot and cold in the industrial industry.