Carbon steel pipes are one of Chuan Foong Hardware’s popular products in Malaysia. In Malaysia, oil and gas industries require pipes, valves, flanges and the like for their operations. When there are carbon steel pipes involved, there will be a need for forged steel fittings as well. Carbon products are long-lasting because carbon atoms can bond with each other strongly. Also, compare to other products, the product that includes carbon is cheaper and much more popular.

Our carbon steel pipes in Malaysia are inclusive of flanges, valves, gaskets that are of high quality. Forging is a process of compressing a piece of metal into a desired shape under a certain temperature depending on the type of metal to be made. Our stringent and detailed forging process guarantees excellent standards of all types of steel fittings.

Being a reliable hardware supplier in Malaysia, we strive to offer finest quality forged steel fittings for your industry usage. Forged steel in another words known as iron and carbon’s alloy. In consideration of its chemical behavior, it becomes more reliable and even stronger. On top of that, they are made of metal materials causes their lighter weight and durable in product features. It has the advantage of strength from iron and stability from carbon materials, thus it is in the help of cost savings.