Stainless steel pipes match perfectly with stainless steel pipe fittings. Stainless steel is easy to be cut, machined and formed, therefore the fabrication process is very quick. This ensures a faster arrival of your orders of stainless steel pipe fittings. Additionally, stainless steel can withstand very high and very low temperatures, further expanding its usage in many types of industries.

In addtion, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel pipe fittings enables them to be used for the manufacture of food, medical tools, agricultural fertilizer and more. The reason why we chose to use stainless steel is because it is the perfect material to produce the pipe fittings, it is easy to cut so that we can produce the pipe fittings precisely so it would fit perfectly.

Additionally, it contains chromium with it. Because of the chromium, so when oxygen combines with it, it will have an invisible layer called “Chromium Oxide”. The Chromium Oxide will prevent the oxidation. Besides, its advantages are non-toxic and safe. It is safe to apply under toxic environment. Also, stainless steel pipe fittings are eco-friendly because they are easy to clean and stainless steel is a recyclable material.

We offer a range of pipe sizes which are different in terms of length and thickness. Feel free to contact us for more information on the stainless steel pipes fittings that we have in store for you.